Delivery is only the beginning. Technology moves on, search engines move on, and people's needs from sites evolve.


If we've followed our process through, launch is comparatively simple. We'll already have launched several versions of the software, and we'll know the process back-to-front. You'll have seen the digital; product evolve already, you'll have been involved in judging what its most important features are, and we'll have tested them with real people.


We'll have worked with you to understand what success looks like, and what the journeys are between arrival and successful completion of a user story. We'll be able to check where people leave the site, and make some theories as to why.


Throughout development, we'll have been prioritising features. We'll always be working on the most important ones. This doesn't stop when the product goes live. However small a project, we like to keep some budget back to take care of the inevitable changes we'd like to make. Your objectives will change over time, and we'll need to be aware of that so we can respond. New browser versions will be released, and we'll need to support them. Search engines are continually updating their algorithms, and we'll need to keep up. Most importantly: what people want will change, and we'll need to respond to that.