Our process is agile and user centered. Divided into three stages — Discovery, Development, Delivery (see below) — it is designed to ensure money and time is not wasted during development.

You can join us at Development, but we'd prefer to collaborate on your Discovery process if possible.


Discovery starts with your organisation's objectives.

First, we work with you to understand your organisation's objectives.

Then we start researching the people who might use this thing we're making.

We think about what these people want to achieve with this thing.

We use that thinking to build an interactive prototype in paper.

After testing the prototype with users, we prioritise the first elements of our development work.


Our instinct is for agile and iterative development of a responsive interface.

We code in HTML, CSS, Javascript, sometimes PHP & Python.

We test usability as we go, and adjust the plan with those insights in mind.

From style guide to interface, a visual design evolves.


Delivery is not the end of a project.

It's time to release the beta and see how it gets on.

We keep an eye on its performance and test to see what works.

Then it's back to “Development” with new user research in mind.