At Neontribe we thrive on a user-led approach, exploring a problem with people, and then building solutions in an agile way, testing and learning as we go. We’ve delivered several successful projects in the charity digital and tech for good sectors by working in this way. We also enjoy supplying developer expertise to difficult situations such as exploring cutting edge voice technology or working in large complex development environments. As well as creating new tools, we think it’s really important to be involved in the future of digital technology. We love taking part in and planning conferences; developing youth activities and devising training initiatives.

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Virtual Advocacy Tool

Client: seAp

“Thanks to everyone for all your hard work – it’s been great fun and I’ve learned loads from all of you. I am eternally grateful to Comic Relief and LEF for giving us the opportunity to work with such an inspirational and expert team. I wish I had you all with me permanently!” - Liz Fenton, seAp

A national advocacy charity, seAp, approached us in 2014 to create a virtual advocate tool that would help people through the confusing and intimidating process of applying for benefits. The problem that seAp needed to solve was that they had a limited number of volunteers who couldn’t support the growing number people needing their advocacy services. With funding from Comic Relief and the Legal Education Foundation we built two virtual advocating tools: one to help support people through the process of applying for Personal Independence Payment (PIP), and the other to help people prepare for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). The tools were co-created with the people who would use them, to embed user needs at the heart of the build. Since launching in 2016 we have had over 300,000 people use the tools.

We are proud that the digital advocacy tool won Charity Times Awards 2017.

Try it: You can view both the PIP and ESA tools at

Find out more: You can find out more about seAp and the work they do at

Rose Voucher app in use

The Rose Vouchers for Fruit and Veg Project

Client: Alexandra Rose Charity

“My diet has got a lot better, my child’s diet has got a lot better and we’ve been doing a lot more home cooking since we’ve been using the vouchers” - Project Participant, Lambeth

Neontribe are helping Alexandra Rose Charity develop a series of digital tools so that they can scale up the number of areas, markets and families included in their award winning fruit and veg project for families in or at risk of food poverty. We’ve been handling user research, design and software development to create a comprehensive system, one component at a time. Individual elements have so far been funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Comic Relief via the Tech for Good programme; The Esmee Fairburn Foundation and the Alexandra Rose Charity’s own resources.

The project won the 2017 Early Intervention Award from Children and Young People’s Award.

Find out more: You can find out more about Alexandra Rose and the work they do at

Homepage of You Matter

You Matter

Client: The Haven

“That’s me, it took me 5 years to leave… I didn’t know I could get help” - Woman living in a refuge, during usability testing of “You Matter”

As part of the Comic Relief’s tech vs abuse initiative Neontribe and The Haven (Wolverhampton) worked with survivors to create a digital tool which helps women realise they are in an abusive relationship and dispel their fears about taking action. We’ve led the user research, ux design and software development and created a small collection of illustrated stories and bite size information that women from diverse ethnic backgrounds should be able to identify with.

We went into a live beta in 2018 and The Haven were thrilled to get their first call from someone who said “I wasn’t sure it was abuse, then I used your app, and now I’d like to speak to someone” the first day a Facebook advert promoted the tool.

Try it: You can view the You Matter site at

Find out more: You can find out more about the tech vs abuse initiative at

home page of Mind Of My Own One app

Mind Of My Own

Client: Mind Of My Own

“I give Mind Of My Own 5 stars because it makes me feel happier” - Krystal, young person

We work with Mind of My Own to help young people participate fully in their care and make it easier to speak up anytime they want.

We’ve built apps that make this happen, leading on many aspects of the process from early user research and UX design to product management and software development. From a small project funded by The Nominet Trust, Mind Of My Own has grown into a sustainable business with suite of 4 tools used by children and young people and organisations across the UK and abroad. Our work is currently focused on software development for improvements and additions and on supporting information security.

We’re proud of our role in helping Mind Of My Own win awards, including best Public Sector Product in ScotlandIS Digital Technology Awards 2018; A Children and Young People Now Award in 2017 and The Observer’s New Radicals Award for Social Innovation as well as the crucial ISO 270001 standard

Find out more: You can find out more about Mind Of My Own and the work they do at

Allegiant Air Logo

Allegiant Air

“The work you did to make the site accessible without a blip in revenue was like landing a jumbo on an aircraft carrier. Amazing” - Scott Allard, CTO, Allegiant Air

We work with our colleagues at Lola Tech to build, maintain and update a responsive and reliable website for a major American airline, Allegiant Air.

Currently, Lola Tech and Neontribe are developing Allegiant's all-new stack that will replace the last version we built, which is now 7 years old. Our focus is on rebuilding the top two layers of the system, including the flight, hotel and vehicle hire bookings and customer profile management interfaces. We’re excited to be using Next.js and GraphQL to improve performance and maintainability, and we’re looking forward to building the next generation of customer-facing features once the new approach has bedded in.

We are proud of our role in making Allegiant’s website compliant with the Americans with Disability Act before new federal regulations came into action in 2018.


Client: Comic Relief

DocReady is a web app designed to help young people with mental health issues prepare for appointments with their doctor. As well as useful information, it provides an easy checklist builder that helps people remember what they need to say, and how best to say it. DocReady was delivered in partnership with Enabled By Design, Futuregov and Social Spider.

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life was a year-long project to collect the everyday experiences of people who experience mental health difficulties in England.

Innovation Labs

Client: Comic Relief / Mental Health Foundation / Paul Hamlym Foundation / Right Here / Nominet Trust

The Labs worked with over 100 young people, youth mental health professionals and digital agencies. Neontribe was involved in running the labs themselves, and an incubation process that turned ideas into funded projects.

The Great British Public Toilet Map

Client: Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design/Royal College of Art

The public-participation website showing which councils publish open data about public toilets.


Client: Channel 4 Education

Channel 4 Education funded the development of Bookstash, a Facebook application designed to get teens reading, discovering, sharing and discussing books. It's no longer in operation, but helped us learn a lot about user-centred design.


Client: Substance

Boredometer was an app. that found places to go and things to do to help get rid of boredom. Boredometer tried to find things that are going on, but also lets your friends find them for you too. Plings, the project that powered it is no more, and illustrated how hard it was to keep event listings up to date.


Client: Channel 4 Education

Dictum was an app for MySpace and Bebo. It was about showing what you Would or Would Never do, so it helped teens play with morality and show the sort of person they were. It's no longer in operation, but in its day was a useful experiment in how young people used social media.

Research For Development

Client: CABI

A web application widget that used open data from DFID, R4D and IATI to make research project info more available for reuse on other websites.


Client: Channel 4 Education

Alterego allowed you to design badges which represent different sides to your personality. The badges linked to the parts of the web that "help make you who you are." No longer with us, Alter Ego taught us the importance of getting your marketing partnerships right.