Neontribe have helped deliver a wide range of web development projects, from apps to support young people with mental health problems to high traffic enterprise booking systems. Some of our projects are detailed below.

home page of momo app

Mind Of My Own

Client: Mind Of My Own

A web and mobile app to help young people prepare for meetings and express their views, wishes and feelings to people like their social worker, advocate or leaving care worker. Originally funded by the Nominet Trust, it's that rarest of things; a techforgood project that's become a sustainable business.


Client: Comic Relief

DocReady is a web app designed to help young people with mental health issues prepare for appointments with their doctor. As well as useful information, it provides an easy checklist builder that helps people remember what they need to say, and how best to say it. DocReady was delivered in partnership with Enabled By Design, Futuregov and Social Spider.

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life was a year-long project to collect the everyday experiences of people who experience mental health difficulties in England.

Innovation Labs

Client: Comic Relief / Mental Health Foundation / Paul Hamlym Foundation / Right Here / Nominet Trust

The Labs worked with over 100 young people, youth mental health professionals and digital agencies. Neontribe was involved in running the labs themselves, and an incubation process that turned ideas into funded projects.

The Great British Public Toilet Map

Client: Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design/Royal College of Art

The public-participation website showing which councils publish open data about public toilets.


Client: YouthNet

StressHeads was designed to help young people cope with, and understand, the causes of stress. Stressheads let young people personify their stress, helping them to better understand how they can deal with it.

Inspire Me

Client: NIACE

The Inspire Me! app was developed by care leavers, for care leavers. It enables former care leavers who are now living independently and learning or working, to share their positive stories.

Minute Of Listening

Client: Sound & Music

Creates a daily opportunity for pupils and teachers to explore a huge range of music and sound as a stimulus for class discussion and imaginative enquiry.


Client: Channel 4 Education

Channel 4 Education funded the development of Bookstash, a Facebook application designed to get teens reading, discovering, sharing and discussing books. It's no longer in operation, but helped us learn a lot about user-centred design.


Client: Substance

Boredometer was an app. that found places to go and things to do to help get rid of boredom. Boredometer tried to find things that are going on, but also lets your friends find them for you too. Plings, the project that powered it is no more, and illustrated how hard it was to keep event listings up to date.


Client: Channel 4 Education

Dictum was an app for MySpace and Bebo. It was about showing what you Would or Would Never do, so it helped teens play with morality and show the sort of person they were. It's no longer in operation, but in its day was a useful experiment in how young people used social media.

Research For Development

Client: CABI

A web application widget that used open data from DFID, R4D and IATI to make research project info more available for reuse on other websites.


Client: Channel 4 Education

Alterego allowed you to design badges which represent different sides to your personality. The badges linked to the parts of the web that "help make you who you are." No longer with us, Alter Ego taught us the importance of getting your marketing partnerships right.