From the BlogWindows 10 local account password recovery

We are going to look at a solution to reset the password on a local Windows account, this will not work for Microsoft account (use the Microsoft password reset form) or an Active Directory account (contact your network administrator). Enter your PC BIOS and set the computer to boot from…

From the BlogSNAKE GAME CHALLENGE for young programmers!

Here at Neontribe, we always want to help young people enter the world of web development. Amongst other things, we have been running a Computer club at Bacton Primary school (see our blog on this). And from this, we have created a series of programming tasks that will result in…

From the BlogThe life of a Mentor: Untangled 2017

Untangled is about learning but not just for the young people. In the week of the event I learnt more mentoring the enthusiastic youth of Norwich than during any week of my university life. This year the mentors’ job was simple: create the base game for Untangled before the event,…

From the BlogAfter-action report: Untangled 2017

Neontribe has run a summer code camp every year for near a decade. Last year, we made it our own thing under the banner Untangled 2016. Local tech events for young people can be difficult to find, so doing it again was an easy call. During Untangled 2017, 8 young…

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Featured ProjectDocReady

Screenshot of the Doc Ready website

Client: Futuregov

DocReady is a web app designed to help young people with mental health issues prepare for appointments with their doctor. As well as useful information, it provides an easy checklist builder that outputs as PDF.

Featured ProjectMind Of My Own

Screenshot of the Mind Of My Own website

Client: Sixteen25

A web and mobile app to help young people prepare for meetings and express their views, wishes and feelings to people like their social worker, advocate or leaving care worker.

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