From the BlogBuilding New Horizons at the Women Techmakers Summit

At Neontribe, we often get the opportunity to attend many incredible events across the country. After applying for this summit to celebrate International Women’s Day, I was thrilled to receive an invite to represent Neontribe at this prestigious event. After arriving at Google’s HQ in London, we were…

From the BlogMaking a difference with Code First: Girls

Neontribe strives to support passionate people to get into the industry (see Untangled). So when we were asked to help to run a Code First: Girls (CF:G) course, we jumped at the chance! We were approached by Dr. Pam Mayhew from the University of East Anglia (UEA) who asked…

From the BlogDebian & VirtualBox Guest Additions Redux

In my previous look at Debian & VirtualBox we looked at installing the Guest Additions from the CD image. This time we look at enabling the backports in APT and installing it with the distributions package manager. Housekeeping As we are going to be playing with kernel's and their modules…

From the BlogComparing React and Vue

As part of Neontribe's ongoing technology evaluation for projects, Nick and myself recently performed a comparative review of React and Vue, looking at both technical and community aspects. This post provides a very brief overview of what we discovered. It's very clear that both projects are broadly similar and are…

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Featured ProjectDocReady

Screenshot of the Doc Ready website

Client: Futuregov

DocReady is a web app designed to help young people with mental health issues prepare for appointments with their doctor. As well as useful information, it provides an easy checklist builder that outputs as PDF.

Featured ProjectMind Of My Own

Screenshot of the Mind Of My Own website

Client: Sixteen25

A web and mobile app to help young people prepare for meetings and express their views, wishes and feelings to people like their social worker, advocate or leaving care worker.

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