From the BlogHiring again

Neontribe are on the lookout for folk again. We've been helping our customers get more successful, and they're looking to us to grow with them. We're looking for a Developer, a Junior Developer and a Junior Product Manager. The Developer will have been coding in the web development industry for…

From the BlogUntangled 2016

For the last 8 or so years, Neontribe has been a centre for Young Rewired State, the summer hackweek for young people. Sadly, they aren't running this year - more at We thought to ourselves: do we still want to offer up a table and a couple…

From the BlogElementaryOS install on Dell XPS 13 (9350) or UEFI only

Update: These steps should no longer be necessary if you are using the latest release of ElementaryOS which seems to have fixed the UEFI issues. There is a problem with the latest ElementaryOS (0.3.1) installation image when used on a UEFI only system; in our case this was…

From the BlogWindows 10 howto install VMware vSphere client 5.1

Neontribe uses VMware ESXI 5.1; however, we had issues installing the management client onto Windows 10. The installation begins, but halfway through a popup window never appears and you can't continue. The task manager shows the hung process with a comment about contacting your system administrator. We need to…

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Featured ProjectDocReady

Screenshot of the Doc Ready website

Client: Futuregov

DocReady is a web app designed to help young people with mental health issues prepare for appointments with their doctor. As well as useful information, it provides an easy checklist builder that outputs as PDF.

Featured ProjectMind Of My Own

Screenshot of the Mind Of My Own website

Client: Sixteen25

A web and mobile app to help young people prepare for meetings and express their views, wishes and feelings to people like their social worker, advocate or leaving care worker.

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