Hiring again

By Harry Harrold

Neontribe are on the lookout for folk again. We've been helping our customers get more successful, and they're looking to us to grow with them.

We're looking for a Developer, a Junior Developer and a Junior Product Manager.

The Developer will have been coding in the web development industry for a few years. They'll be looking for their second or third job in the industry, and a bit more responsibility. At Neontribe, they'd be part of a team working with a whole load of support from world-class project management, test and network operations people. Knowledge of Javascript would be an advantage, but we can teach that to the right person.

The Junior Developer will probably be just starting out in the industry, but they'll be able to demonstrate interest in coding. They'll might have a degree, they might not. They might be a returner to work, or someone looking for a change in career. Either way, they'll know some HTML, and maybe some CSS or PHP. Knowledge of Javascript would be a useful plus.

The Junior Product Manager will live where the technology, user research and business drivers on product development meet. We'd expect them to want to learn more about working iteratively with user researchers, developers and the rest of a product team to to help build, learn and measure a successful digital product. Commercial experience would be very useful, but we'd not rule out taking on a recent graduate. Either way, they'll have worked on web development projects before: perhaps doing some project management, user research, or business analysis. http://www.mindtheproduct.com/2011/10/what-exactly-is-a-product-manager/ is a good read on what this role might grow to be: we'll give you all the backup you need on the way there.

If one of these roles sounds like the kind of thing you're looking for, mail harry@neontribe.co.uk for a job description. Or just a chat.

We offer a competitive salary, flexible working hours, a gorgeous office in the fine city of Norwich, and a bag of benefits. There's opportunities for travel on large commercial jobs, and to work on projects for social good as well.

Importantly, Neontribe is a learning environment. If we have learned one thing over the last few years, it's "never stop learning". We've the experience of teaching and mentoring and the contacts to help you become a world-class web professional.