Hiring again...

By Harry Harrold

Neontribe are looking for developers.

We're a software development company working on mobile, voice and web user interfaces and the APIs that power them. We've a national reputation for our work in tech-for-good, an international reputation in travel and tourism and more work coming our way.

We'd like to find three people, based in Norwich or Exeter, and we're pretty flexible about who and where.

One will be working mainly in CSS, one in Javascript and one on API development.

At least one will be a senior role, and we'll shuffle projects round to get that fitting right.

We offer a competitive salary, flexible working hours, gorgeous main office in the fine city of Norwich, hotdesk space in Exeter, and a bag of benefits. There's opportunities for travel on large commercial jobs, and to work on projects for social good as well.

Importantly, Neontribe is a learning environment. If we have learned one thing over the last few years, it's "never stop learning".

We'd expect you to be inspired to learn (more) about user-centred design, and how to work iteratively with user researchers, other developers and the rest of a team.

We've the experience of teaching and mentoring and the contacts to help you become a world-class professional, whatever the level you join us. If you're senior already, we'd expect you to be sharing and deepening that knowledge.

More about those three roles?

CSS work

You'll have a flair for visual design using web technologies. Your tools will be HTML, CSS, and some Javascript.

If you're at the beginning of your career, you'll know something of those already, and you'll be keen to learn more. You might be a returner to work, or someone looking for a change in career. If it's your second job, they might call you a "web designer" where you are now.

If you're more senior, we'll expect an absolute passion for CSS as a medium. You'll understand that what you are designing are interactions, on screens that vary in size, not fixed images on a fixed canvas. You'll have opinions on how to develop CSS in a team and you'll enjoy discussing pre- and post- processors and upcoming language features.


For a Javascript role at Neontribe, you'll think of yourself as a developer whose favoured language is Javascript rather than a web designer. You're likely to spend time working on the server as well as in the client. Experience in Node.js, Vue.js or React would be super-handy, but we're good at teaching if you're more junior.

API/Application developer

We've a range of projects where we could use an extra brain, so we can be flexible where you end up. However, it's almost certain you'll be developing an API consumed by someone else in the company. We've also a growing demand for coding for voice interfaces, so if you have an interest or experience of that, that would be particularly interesting.

For any of the above..

Essential skills:

  • CSS, and/or Javascript, and/or PHP depending on role
  • A passion for agility

Inessential, but handy:

  • A degree (in anything)
  • Advanced skills in any or all of the above
  • Some - perhaps crazy - personal project
  • Comfort with Command Line Interfaces

Inessential, but super-cool

  • Experience in Laravel
  • Experience with Node.js
  • Experience in Vue.js or React
  • Interest in voice interfaces
  • Interest in Natural Language Processing
  • Interest in Machine Learning

If one of these sounds like the kind of thing you're looking for, or if you just want to drop in and meet us, mail harry@neontribe.co.uk