Untangled 2016

By Harry Harrold

For the last 8 or so years, Neontribe has been a centre for Young Rewired State, the summer hackweek for young people.

Sadly, they aren't running this year - more at http://yrs.io/

We thought to ourselves: do we still want to offer up a table and a couple of mentors to teenagers who want a space to hack about with some code, or do some making, and have an event at the end of the week where they show folk what they've done?

And the answer was: "Yes".

So from the 1st to the 5th of August, we'll be doing just that, and on the Friday afternoon, we'll do a show-and-tell next door, at the Octagon Chapel; this place, in fact http://www.ukunitarians.org.uk/norwich/

Partly because an 18th century chapel is a delightful venue for a tech event, and partly because it's next door to the office, and the wifi reaches that far.

If you're an organisation pretty close, and you'd like to join in, let us know at info@neontribe.co.uk If you're from further afield, get in touch and we'll see how much bigger something this informal might get.

We'll do some more blogging about this as we do more of the organisation.