Were hiring

By Harry Harrold

(ETA: We've hired for this specific role - but we're usually on the look out for folk, and if you're interested in working with us, do drop us a CV. Particularly if you're a service designer, or a user researcher, and/or handy with a sharpie...)

Neontribe are looking for a Junior with design and development skills.

You'll have a flair for visual design using web technologies. Your tools will be HTML, CSS, your graphics package of choice, and some Javascript. You'll know something of those already, and you'll be keen to learn more. You might well have other skills right now: let us know if you do.

This will probably be your first job, it might be your second. If it is, they probably call you a "web designer" where you are now. Or you might be a returner to work, or someone looking for a change in career.

You'll understand that what you are designing are interactions, on screens that vary in size, not fixed images on a fixed canvas.

We'd expect you to be inspired to learn (more) about user-centred design, and how to work iteratively with user researchers,other developers and the rest of a team.

We offer a competitive salary, flexible working hours, gorgeous office in the fine city of Norwich, and a bag of benefits. (Including an equal share of the company pig yearly, if you want it. Truffles if you don't.) There's opportunities for travel on large commercial jobs, and to work on projects for social good as well.

Importantly, Neontribe is a learning environment. If we have learned one thing over the last few years, it's "never stop learning". We've the experience of teaching and mentoring and the contacts to help you become a world-class web professional.

If that sounds like the kind of thing you're looking for, mail harry@neontribe.co.uk

Essential skills:

  • Basic HTML, CSS
  • Knowledge of Javascript
  • Knowledge of graphic design

Inessential, but handy:

  • A degree
  • Advanced skills in any or all of the above.