Neontribers share one thing in common. We love working with people to find the right way to solve their problems.

We’re a diverse collection of individuals who have come to software development from many different backgrounds. Based in Norwich and Exeter, and delivering projects across the UK and with partners across the world, we are always interested to hear from people who would like to work or intern with us. We support flexible and remote working, and are proud of the “on the job” training and development opportunities we offer.

Right now, we’re particularly looking for a senior developer to be based in our Exeter office. Depending on your skills, this role could be focused primarily on front end or back end work.

If you think you might fit in, email your CV to and add a note about what you think you’d bring to the team.

Harry Harrold

Product management, and user experience prototyping

In the first dot-com boom, Harry helped take an internet security start up from 3 employees to acquisition by Sun Microsystems. Since leaving software marketing, he’s been helping organisations think about how their objectives relate to their peoples, designing interactions in the resulting projects, and making the best decisions possible about the products that come out of them. He occasionally speaks at conferences, usually about the things he's learned about making developing software less painful and more effective. He's particularly proud of his work on Neontribe's projects for social good: Mind Of My Own, Doc Ready and the Great British Public Toilet Map amongst others.

Key skills

  • Product management
  • User-centered design
  • Interaction design
  • Paper prototyping
  • Usability testing


Food and drink, offal in all its many and varied forms, pork scratchings, and improvisational theatre.

Rupert Redington

Teaching and Learning

Rupert ran away from the theatre to become a web developer at the turn of the century. Since then he’s been making mistakes at Neontribe as fast as he can, learning from a reasonable percentage of them. Recently he’s been using Javascript to help teenagers talk to doctors, Americans to buy airline tickets and everybody to find their way to the loo.

Key skills

  • Javascript
  • Paper Prototyping
  • Reading
  • Talking


Open source software philosophy and advocacy, racing Norfolk Punts, riding touring tandems, boardgames, and cooking.

Neil Dabson

Coding & Deployment

Neil’s degree in geophysics led to initially a career in the oil industry. After too many trips to out of the way places, he left in favour of resurrecting a deep interest in technology. For the last ten years he’s been involved in a wide variety of IT projects, focussing on open source software development and deployment.

Key skills

  • Software specification
  • Application programming in Python
  • Linux system administration
  • Database design and administration
  • Internet presentation layer coding in Javascript, HTML and CSS
  • Server-side scripting in Shell and Perl


Gaming, vile liquers from around the world, cross-country pantomime.

Toby Batch

Coding & Deployment

Toby trained in computer science and psychology, and has been working on Internet projects since 1996. He authored the first Java strong cryptographic implementation outside the USA. After helping take an Internet security start up from 3 employees to acquisition by Sun Microsystems, he worked in global professional services for 3 years before leaving for self-employment.

Key skills

  • Application programming in Java and Python
  • Unix system administration, Linux and Solaris
  • Internet presentation layer coding in PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS
  • Server-side scripting in Shell, JSP, ASP, and Perl
    Internet security programming – Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), On-line
  • Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP), Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) Client Server Architectures.
  • Database administration for MySQL
  • IT teaching and training
  • Carrying heavy weights
  • Conflict resolution


Rugby union, childcare, the various sub-genres of heavy metal music, and poor quality science fiction films of the 1970s.

Matt Layton

Design & Programming

Having always been creative, as a child Matt found himself designing tabletop games on the back of cereal boxes. As he grew up his interest shifted primarily to technical drawing and portraiture. This of course was all before Matt had the privilege of owning a computer, at which point he became aware of tools like Photoshop and the seemingly endless possibilities of developing for the web platform. Whilst these days he is primarily a programmer, Matt finds his history invaluable when considering UI/UX practices. Having worked with a wide spectrum of languages and frameworks (C/C++/C#, XNA, Unreal 3, Drupal and WordPress to name just a few) he now focus on specialising in semantic/accessible HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Key skills

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Semantic HTML
  • A11y
  • Photoshop/Illustrator


Psychology, Design and Games (genuinely I don't mean just playing them).

Katja Mordaunt

Project Lead & Programming

Katja made the mistake of believing that a science based education meant forgoing creativity - and opted for a first degree in writing and film. She's been forging an uphill battle out of the ‘arts’ towards her childhood ambition of becoming as technically skilled as an engineer - but with none of the responsibility - and all the fun. She occasionally occupies her spare time with producing low budget films. She was once eking towards completing a degree in computer science - but lately just too busy. Katja has been working with Neontribe since 2008.

Key skills

  • Laravel
  • Project Wrangling
  • dabbles in React, Elm and Vue
  • knows a tiny bit about Google Analytics
  • used to build with Drupal and Wordpress
  • can usually decipher php, Java, Javascript, python, MYSQL, HTML and CSS
  • saying ‘Yes, I can do that.’


Would like to have a cunning plan to retire one day and sail around the world a few times with her husband, meeting up with her children at random intervals, and writing a novel or 2 whilst filming a ground-breaking documentary about the social ails of the world. Until then, is very happy building small apps that help make a handful of people's lives a little bit better.

Karl Jermy

People and project management


A wearer of many hats, literally, Karl came to Neontribe in 2013 after a period of rest from a fifteen year spell at one of the world's brokest Banks. He initially started his IT career in November 1996 within the call centre of Richard Branson’s Virgin Direct before moving to a testing role and proceeded to work his way through the ranks to the dizzy heights of Test Manager with the then Virgin One Account.

After a number of re-organisational moves within the wider area of the bank, found himself in a service delivery manager role, juggling a wide variety of teams and projects across the broader spectrum of the bank, from Edinburgh to Mumbai and back again. Eventually they caught up with him and he was allowed to leave in Sept 2011.

Refreshed and liberated, he has embraced the Neontribe work ethic (even growing a moustache) and has been tasked with bringing a level of structure and project management into the team whilst maintaining the fun in delivering brilliant projects.

Key skills

  • People management
  • Project management
  • Test management
  • Anything else Harry doesn't want to do


Roast duck and rioja, champagne tasting at sunrise, Ian Fraser Kilmister, hand made Italian leather boots, the Canaries and blue skies.

Andy Barnes

System Administration & Deployment

Andy came to Neontribe at the beginning of 2012 with over 10 years of UNIX administration experience and 18 years in the industry.

Key Skills

  • UNIX system administration, Solaris, Linux, BSD
  • Windows system administration
  • Database administration
  • Network administration
  • Apache/Webserver administration
  • SSL administration
  • Shell scripting
  • Administration
  • Telling people on the internet they are doing it wrong


Computer Gaming, Elite, Blood Bowl, Fiction, Films, Poker, F1, LARP, Tabletop Gaming, Open Source, Chain Surfs

Robert Preus-MacLaren

Coding & Deployment

Rob became an accidental chef, going from kitchen boy to cook, before he had the serendipitous opportunity to leave the catering industry. Rob has taught himself to write code since he was 14, using time in IT lessons to write excel macros. Since then he has also dedicated his spare time learning and writing in different languages ranging from memory editors (game hacks) in visual basic to 2d games in Java. Since then Rob's latest language love affairs have been writing front and back end JavaScript, and learning Go.

Rob enjoys working on end-to-end development. He also enjoys hardware, and relishes the prospect of building a robot, but has no idea how.

Key Skills

  • Frontend/backend JavaScript
  • Python
  • Linux + bash
  • Breaking things
  • Fixing things
  • Relational/Object Stores
  • Symantic html + css
  • Googling
  • Git


Learning languages and building things, playing games (both board and video), eating pizza too much and consuming stories.

Steph Adams

Design and Programming

After several years of working as a self-taught front end web developer, Steph studied Computer Science at the UEA, graduating in 2013. She spent the next three years there as an e-learning designer working on award-winning distance learning programmes before joining Neontribe in 2016. Steph is particularly interested in anything to do with user interface design.

Key Skills

  • UI Design
  • React


Illustration, travelling, eating delicious foods and board games.

Oliver Barnwell


Oliver originally set out with a dream of becoming an electrical engineer. However, after realising that this involves many small components which tend to inexplicably break for no apparent reason he rapidly diverted his attention to software which, as he was to discover later, also tends to break for no apparent reason.

At a young age he began by writing small text-based games in QBasic before discovering Visual Basic and promptly setting out to make his own version of anything with a GUI. Later, Oliver discovered JavaScript and proceeded to start but never finish an assortment of small games and other projects.

In more recent times Oliver has helped to ship a web-based VR road safety game, attended several hackathons and has been learning about modern graphics programming in WebGL.

He joined Neontribe in 2016 following on from his A Levels and is currently the youngest member of the company.

Key Skills

  • Drupal 7/8
  • JavaScript,
  • PHP,
  • Using Stack Overflow,
  • Linux,
  • Some OpenGL and C.


MMORPGs, making games, eventually becoming not terrible at art, different types of tea, tweeting, disagreeing (and occasionally agreeing) with people on the internet.

Kara Langford

Business Information & Reporting

Kara was faced with Microsoft Access for the first time in 2007 and quickly learnt that it was utterly rubbish and learning SQL was much more useful and fun. Thus began an affinity with all things database and report related, resulting in Kara moving into a career in Business Information & Management Information Systems.

Leaving MIS Management in the education sector, Kara embarked upon an Undergraduate Degree in Business Information Systems at UEA, from where she is due to graduate in Summer 2018. Kara joined Neontribe as an Intern in 2016.

Key Skills

  • SQL & SSRS
  • Leadership & Project Managment
  • Google Analytics
  • Java, C & C++
  • Bits of PHP, various JavaScript frameworks & Python
  • Git


Console Gaming, Tabletop RPGs, Alt. electronic music, Sci-Fi and Horror, being pale and interesting while also loving sunshine, MLP, impatiently waiting for Patrick Rothfuss to write the next Kingkiller Chronicle and George RR Martin to finish writing Game of Thrones.

George Deeks


George graduated from UEA with a MSc. in Computer Science in August 2014, and joined Neontribe in January 2015. Since then, he has worked on a variety of projects, but mostly now concerns himself with JavaScript and gluing his pulled-out hair back in. To amend for his sins, he also has a passion for engaging youngsters in the art of coding.

Key Skills

  • Javascript
  • Java
  • React
  • SQL
  • Agile methodology


Sport, fighting with Harry for the pork scratchings, good hair glue, and chinos.

Charlie Strange

Programming, often in a waistcoat

After over a decade developing the IT capabilities of a sector-leading claims management company, Charlie briefly tried his hand directing a SME focused IT services company in Norfolk, proving that, truly, there's no such thing as worthless experiences, just expensive ones. He now enjoys writing webby things for Good Causes to both pay off some karmic debt and explore new ways of thinking about software development, mostly in PHP and JS.

He is nursing a mild addiction to certification to formalise his position as an InfoSec pundit, because thats where all the best parties are.

Key Skills

  • PHP (Laravel)
  • Javascript (VueJS, Angular and older frameworks)
  • System, Database and Network Administration
  • Information Security


Collaborative storytelling (with dice and cake), poorly defending liberal politics, online security/privacy in a mass surveillance environment and similar, lost causes. He swims regularly both to ward off middle age and for the secret pleasure of meditating on a problem while the body is on autopilot.

Alexandra Moore

Programming & Design

Alexandra started out in high-end retail before finding out that listening to the same Christmas CD on repeat every day for 2 months isn’t very fun. She then discovered programming and taught herself alongside a job in the banking industry before joining Neontribe. She works on the tech-for-good side of Neontribe projects and most enjoys frontend & UX work.

Key Skills

  • UX & paper prototyping
  • Javascript
  • Illustrator


Reading, shopping and learning new things. But mostly sitting on a far-flung beach, cocktail in hand soaking up the sunshine.

Rose Bonner

User Experience Designer and User Researcher

Rose started Neontribe in July 2018 after completing her mathematics degree at the Open University. Prior to working at Neontribe she worked for nearly 4 years in the charity sector. Whilst working in the sector she discovered a passion for user-centred design and the opportunities that technology can offer for nonprofits to make a difference. Rose now works on the social good projects and loves working to design something that will make a positive impact.

Key Skills

  • UX design
  • User research
  • Paper prototyping
  • Wireframing


Reading, really good food, knitting, maths, travelling to new places whenever possible, a good board game, gardening and attempting to balance all of her many hobbies.

Holly Stringer

Junior Designer

In her final year of university whilst studying Design for Publishing, Holly explored user-centered design through her final major project which involved creating a website showcasing information on all the hospitals across the UK. Discovering how much putting the user at the forefront of all design choices changed the way she worked, inspired her to look for a different career path than she had initially planned. She enjoys working on social good projects and using design to make a positive impact.

Key Skills

  • Typography
  • Layout Design & Wireframing
  • Illustration
  • UX design
  • Paper prototyping
  • Adobe Software


American football (Go Hawks!), board games, watching cringey teen drama shows, playing video games and looking at hedgehog gifs.

Kat Quatermass

Service Design and Strategy

Kat often describes herself as the least technical member of Neontribe. After a 15 year career in the arts and local government, Kat realised that user-led service and strategy design drew nicely on a skill set built up through the eclectic activities that make up her career path so far - connecting people and their stories with the things they need to make life better. She’s passionate about tech for good, about projects that can be allowed to fail and about only measuring things that you’re actually going to learn from. She started delivering user research sessions for Neontribe in 2015 on a freelance basis and joined the company in Autumn 2018. Kat works 3 days a week.

Key Skills

  • Workshop Design and Delivery
  • User Research and Documentation
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Storytelling
  • Fundraising


Ranting! Usually about all things related to immersive/interactive experience design. Also creating experiences, pushing the boundaries of accessibility of festival live role play and wondering if she’ll ever get the balance right between escapism and political engagement. Also singing, but badly.

Ed Perkins

Web Developer

Ed has spent most of his life writing, playing and teaching music with technology. At some point during a PhD in experimental composition, Ed began designing and programming socio-economic models to generate narrative, and consequently forgot that he was supposed to be making music at all. This led to a slight ‘career modification’ by way of a rather intense bootcamp experience, and a change of focus toward code as his main creative medium. Ed found an affinity with the progressive culture of the tech community and now feels very at home working with the diverse and eclectic members of the Neontribe team.

Key Skills

  • Learning
  • Improvising
  • Talking in front of people
  • Communicating
  • Teaching


Music, creative coding, stories, people, having ideas & making things.

Nick Wade

Programming and Design

After experimenting with online coding courses, Nick committed to becoming a developer by undertaking a Computing & Game Development degree as a mature student at Plymouth University. After graduating, he started his own one-person game development company, and met Neontribe by chance while exhibiting a game at a local conference. He's been working for Neontribe ever since, mostly on the front end of social good projects.

Key Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SVG and raster image editing
  • Making things work on Windows and Internet Explorer
  • 3D and VR development


Games (Nintendo, PC and increasingly board games), most sports, opening new tabs and making small bits of video games.