The Tribe

Neontribe is an eclectic group of individuals with interlocking skills and enthusiasms. Without our differences, we'd not have our strength.

Alin Chindea's profile

Alin Chindea

Learning | Cycling | Storytelling
Amanda Rasolofotsara's profile

Amanda Rasolofotsara

PM | GDPR | Self-Starter
Andy Barnes's profile

Andy Barnes

Systems | Networks | Infrastructure
Charlie Strange's profile

Charlie Strange

Development | Privacy | Waistcoats
Ed Perkins's profile

Ed Perkins

Culture | Learning | Networking
George Deeks's profile

George Deeks

Software Engineer | Learning | Hippo Fan
Harry Harrold's profile

Harry Harrold

post-its | performing | stripey shirts
Holly Allen's profile

Holly Allen

Typography | Illustration | Layout
Kara Langford's profile

Kara Langford

Jack of all Trades | Process | Data Nerd
Karl Jermy's profile

Karl Jermy

Projects | Testing | Dad
Kat Quatermass's profile

Kat Quatermass

User Research | Strategy | Fundraising
Katja Mordaunt's profile

Katja Mordaunt

Collaboration | Readability | Pragmatism
Matt Layton's profile

Matt Layton

Design | Code | Games
Neil Dabson's profile

Neil Dabson

Cyber security | muddy fields | holder of the Fun budget
Nick Wade's profile

Nick Wade

HTML | CSS | 3D/VR Development
Oliver Barnwell's profile

Oliver Barnwell

Development | Coffee | Arch Linux ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Rob Preus-MacLaren's profile

Rob Preus-MacLaren

Code for humans | Semantics | Stories
Rose Bonner's profile

Rose Bonner

User Research | UX Design | Sharpie-wielder
Rupert Redington's profile

Rupert Redington

Learning | Teaching | Open Source
Sarika's profile


Learning | Web development | Animals
Steve Burtenshaw's profile

Steve Burtenshaw

Javascript | React | Animals
Toby Batch's profile

Toby Batch

LAMP | PAS | *nix
Zi Loo's profile

Zi Loo

Curious | Learner | Dreamer

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