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Neontribe is an eclectic group of individuals with interlocking skills and enthusiasms. Without our differences, we'd not have our strength.

After a dozen years working with the United Nations I shifted my career to programming. I have experimented with JavaScript and PHP since 2017 and I strive to be a better developer every day. I joined Neontribe in 2019 hoping to use my skills in tech-for-good. When I don't dream about code (seriously now, when do the JavaScript dreams end???), I think about food, cycling along rivers that cross more than one country and 'untranslatable' words from any language (such as Sisu - Finnish for extraordinary determination/courage, especially in the face of adversity - and Utepils - Norwegian for a beer that is enjoyed outside particularly on the first warm and sunny day of the year). Addicted to stories and storytelling, Coen brothers movies and playing football. I do not have a pet alpaca.

Alin Chindea's profile

Alin Chindea

Learning | Cycling | Storytelling

I became interested in tech by working on the reform of the GDPR in 2013. Yet, only in 2018 did I decide to make a career of it. I took a break, quit my London job, moved to Norwich; to self-learn how to code. After meeting Neontribe at codebar, I landed a PM job (and hopefully soon, a software developer one!). From European charities to UK/USA start-ups, I have held a diverse range of positions (project management to sales) in several industries (Human Rights to cybersecurity). Third culture kid, I am a hitchhiker, a privacy advocate and ballet ecstatic, who has lived in five countries on two continents.

Amanda Rasolofotsara's profile

Amanda Rasolofotsara

PM | GDPR | Self-Starter

I was adopted by Neontribe in 2012, rescued from redundancy. I have been working in the industry for two and a half decades. Neontribe also sponsors my degree in Computer Science with the Open University. I love working on tech-for-good projects and building infrastructure from open source components. Working with the other members of the tribe opened my eyes to working in an environment that fosters growth and teamwork. When I'm not working I'm Interested in cooking, gaming and slouching. I am a host for the Lave Radio podcast, and occasionally can be found streaming on Twitch.

Andy Barnes's profile

Andy Barnes

Systems | Networks | Infrastructure

After a decade developing IT capabilities at a sector-leading claims management company Charlie briefly tried his hand directing an SME focused IT services company. He now enjoys writing web things for Good Causes to both pay off karmic debt and explore ways of thinking about software development, mostly in PHP and JS. He’s into collaborative storytelling (with dice and cake), poorly defending liberal politics, online security/digital privacy and nursing a mild addiction to certification to bluff his way as an InfoSec pundit. He swims regularly for the secret pleasure of meditating on a problem while the body is on autopilot.

Charlie Strange's profile

Charlie Strange

Development | Privacy | Waistcoats

After years of writing, playing and teaching electronic music I pivoted into a career in coding by way of an intense bootcamp experience. I’m interested in group culture, emotional intelligence and helping younger generations to realise the world of possibilities that coding offers. I’m currently occupied with trying to be a better developer than I was yesterday.

Ed Perkins's profile

Ed Perkins

Culture | Learning | Networking

I completed my Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of East Anglia in 2014, and shortly after (and ever since!) have been at Neontribe, mainly as a front-end dev. I enjoy using React & GraphQL, which is what I currently mainly work with. I have plenty of other hobbies/interests: SCUBA diving, bouldering, most sports, playing piano, travelling, and floating.

George Deeks's profile

George Deeks

Software Engineer | Learning | Hippo Fan

I helped found Neontribe after a pre-to-post acquisition tour of duty on a fintech start-up. I’ve discovered you don’t need to be able to draw to design, and that life is journeys and pain points. I love to solve the latter and find listening always helps.

Harry Harrold's profile

Harry Harrold

post-its | performing | stripey shirts

My background is in Design for Publishing but during my final year at university I discovered user-centered design. I found it interesting how putting the user at the forefront of all design choices changed the way I worked. I enjoy working on social good projects as I love to use design to make a positive impact. When I am not working I’m playing board games or video games, watching American Football (Go Hawks!) and looking at Hedgehog gifs.

Holly Allen's profile

Holly Allen

Typography | Illustration | Layout

I decided not to go to Uni after school; so I worked in Customer Service Management, self-taught SQL and ended up in Management Information Systems. Falling in love with all things Data I went to Uni as a Mature Student, graduating Computer Science in 2018 and am now working towards my PhD. I joined Neontribe as an Intern in 2016. I love tech-for-good projects or anything peopleware and process-related; as Neontribe’s resident Chameleon I take on any task from coding to testing to policy writing. Outside of work I like music that goes Oontz, cuddling my French Bulldogs and drinking Tea.

Kara Langford's profile

Kara Langford

Jack of all Trades | Process | Data Nerd

Washed up from the Royal Broke of Scotland after 15 years in test and delivery management roles. Thankful to be employed, not interested in looking down once outside the office however. Neontribe has really helped with my work-life balance when it comes to juggling childcare/school runs etc. Outside of the office, I’m interested in - Blue skies. Roast duck and rioja. Hoyo De Monterrey. Champagne tasting at sunrise. Ian Fraser Kilmister. Handmade Italian leather boots. The pride of East Anglia. Dad jokes. Hurting myself and getting a high at the local bouldering club.

Karl Jermy's profile

Karl Jermy

Projects | Testing | Dad

I had a 15-year career in the arts and local government and a short time in the world of performance storytelling before I realised that user-led service and strategy design suits my eclectic skill set. I’m a believer in tech for good, I shout about the need to allow projects to fail and I get vitriolic about only measuring things that you’re actually going to learn from. I can frequently be found doing game design to entertain 2000 people in muddy fields, or ranting on the subject.

Kat Quatermass's profile

Kat Quatermass

User Research | Strategy | Fundraising

At Neontribe, I mostly build web apps that aim to improve the reach of small charities. I work iteratively with clients and users to get as close as possible to what people need. My choice of tools (apart from Vim and Linux) depends on the project, but I often write APIs in PHP and frontends in Javascript (when I have to) and Elm (when I can). I value stories, community, open-source, transparency, integrity, generally sharing stuff and giving everyone a voice. Daily mission: contribute towards removing clusters of despair from the world and adding back chunks of empowerment.

Katja Mordaunt's profile

Katja Mordaunt

Collaboration | Readability | Pragmatism

After studying computer games programming for several years and completing a computer science degree, I found web development to be where I was able to express and utilise my design and programming background most effectively. I have interests in human psychology, nutrition, bodybuilding, enjoy bouldering, board games and sometimes take battle royale games far too seriously 😐 oh yeah, and by the time you read this I will probably have a pet hedgehog.

Matt Layton's profile

Matt Layton

Design | Code | Games

As the youngest surviving member of the original founders of Neontribe, I still remember when Norwich didn’t have broadband (which was this century). Fortunately, times have moved on and I now help Neontribe and our customers manage Cybersecurity, ISO 27001 and GDPR plus all the other required bureaucracy. As some light relief, I take scouts away on summer camp and help ensure my hobby of live-action role-play runs smoothly by deploying camping and scouting skills in fields throughout the year.

Neil Dabson's profile

Neil Dabson

Cyber security | muddy fields | holder of the Fun budget

After experimenting with online coding courses, I committed to becoming a developer by undertaking a Computing & Game Development degree as a mature student at Plymouth University. After graduating, I started my own one-person game development company and met Neontribe by chance while exhibiting a game at a local conference. I’ve been working for Neontribe ever since, mostly on the front end of social good projects. I enjoy playing and making video games, board games, most sports and opening new tabs.

Nick Wade's profile

Nick Wade

HTML | CSS | 3D/VR Development

I developed an interest in programming at an early age, making small games in QBasic. Everything changed in 2012 when I discovered Neontribe through their role as a host for a week-long national hackathon for young people. Neontribe helped me to discover the joys of collaborative software development and they haven't been able to get rid of me since! These days you can find me finishing my degree, posting nonsense on Twitter and working at Neontribe whenever I have time on the side.

Oliver Barnwell's profile

Oliver Barnwell

Development | Coffee | Arch Linux ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

After becoming an accidental chef, I had the opportunity to leave the catering industry. I have been writing code since I was 14, building game cheats in VB6 and plugins for Counter Strike Source. Since then I've been working with a variety of languages to build accessible applications. I enjoy the challenge of keeping up with new tech and immersing myself into the culture. I have enjoyed supporting less experienced colleagues and leading a range of projects to architect and build interfaces of all sorts, whether that be application to application interfaces or web and voice interfaces.

Rob Preus-MacLaren's profile

Rob Preus-MacLaren

Code for humans | Semantics | Stories

After spending over 4 years in the charity sector, in a range of organisations from student unions to mental health, I found myself drawn to digital. During my time in the sector, I was unknowingly dabbling in user research and UX design. Falling into all the pitfalls that you can make when doing digital in the charity sector for the first time. Learning from my mistakes led me to Neontribe and I now enjoy making as many as I can quickly and failing upwards with the aim of hopefully making the world a little better.

Rose Bonner's profile

Rose Bonner

User Research | UX Design | Sharpie-wielder

I ran away from the theatre to become a web developer at the turn of the century. Since then I’ve been making mistakes at Neontribe as fast as I can, learning from a reasonable percentage of them. Recently I’ve been using Javascript to help teenagers talk to doctors, Americans to buy airline tickets and everybody to find their way to the loo.

Rupert Redington's profile

Rupert Redington

Learning | Teaching | Open Source

I completed my bachelor degree in computer science from India and then started a job as SEO executive for a few years and then I got interested in front-end development. I worked as a front-end developer for 1.5 years and then took a long break (Maternity). Now I want to start once again with my career in front-end development but I was so confused where to start with as there are so many things in to the market now (vue, react, sass, git etc). Then Neontribe gave me a chance to start again within my field. At Neontribe I will work as a 'Front-end developer intern'.

Sarika's profile


Learning | Web development | Animals

After working as a designer in London for 5 years, I decided to make a change and pursue my real passion, frontend development. I love data wrangling in JS, CSS, animating things, the outdoors, animals, well-designed forms, compassion, equality, veganism, feminism and quite a few other ‘isms.

Steve Burtenshaw's profile

Steve Burtenshaw

Javascript | React | Animals

After graduating in computer science in the early 90s I joined an eCommerce startup that was eventually acquired by Sun Microsystems. I was lucky enough to work in Sun's professional services for five years and delivered the iPlanet applications all over the world. After leaving Sun I qualified as a teacher (PGCE) and went on to be one of the founders of Neontribe. Outside of work I hold an ERCA level 2 and coach two age groups of children at Norwich rugby club where all four of my children play.

Toby Batch's profile

Toby Batch

LAMP | PAS | *nix

Start joining Neontribe in 2019. Currently, I'm a computer science degree student who's doing my placement year. Enjoying coding with everyone and exploring Exeter at the same time. Having a head start in experiencing my working life after graduate and it's suprisingly more fun than what I am expecting. Am enthusiastic to come to work everyday, to see and pet the poodle which it's owner is working behind me, learn new things as well.

Zi Loo's profile

Zi Loo

Curious | Learner | Dreamer

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